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Socket Connect Error Return Value 79


Call your MVS system programmer. 2012 EINVALIDNAME REXX An incorrect name was received from the TCP/IP server. Only issue the INITIALIZE call once in your program. 2005 ESUBTASKALNOTACTIVE REXX The subtask is not active. Error number Message name Socket type Error description Programmer's response 1 EAI_NONAME GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO NODE or HOST cannot be found. Fill in the destination field in the correct parameter and reissue the function call. 40 EMSGSIZE Sendto Sendmsg Send Write The message is too long. http://dualathlonserver.com/error-codes/socket-connect-error-return-value-78.php

Possible routing problem Possible DNS configuration problem Possible communication problem ? The storage pointed to by SetAD_ptr does not contain a correctly formatted SetADcontainer structure. Call your system administrator. 72 ENOSTR All The device is not a stream device. A table entry was not located. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSLTBW_1.13.0/com.ibm.zos.r13.cs3cod0/syserret.htm

Tcp/ip Error Codes List

For GETNAMEINFO, HOST could not be resolved within the configured time interval. Increase the size of the buffer to 255 characters, which is the maximum size permitted. 4 EINTR All A system call was interrupted. Access data set for read only operation. 31 EMLINK All There are too many links. Please help us improve!

Check the validity of function parameters. 9 EBADF Select One of the specified descriptor sets is an incorrect socket descriptor. The token was invalidated by TCP/IP. Reestablish the connection between the applications. 54 ECONNRESET All The connection to the destination host is not available. Linux Socket Error Codes Call your system administrator. 71 EREMOTE All There are too many levels of remote in the path.

Contact your system administrator. 1013 EIBMBADCONNECTIONSTATE All A connection token that is not valid was detected; bad state. Tcp Error Codes List Our hours of availability are 8AM - 5PM CST. Issue Send() or Write() before closing the socket. 55 ENOBUFS All No buffer space is available. official site Reload to refresh your session.

A splice cannot be completed. Ioctl Error Codes Correct the socket descriptor value and reissue the function call. 39 EDESTADDRREQ All A destination address is required. A timeout or ECB value can also be added to avoid the select/selectex from waiting indefinitely. 79 ENOLCK All No record locks are available. Let us know how we did so that we can maintain a quality experience.

  1. Check file name and if it exists. 20 ENOTDIR All The specified directory is not a directory.
  2. virtsync errno.h - C Error Codes in Linux All the Linux/C error codes are listed below.
  3. errno values are set when the return code is negative.
  4. Release the sockets and reinitialize the client-server connection. 83 EADV All An ADVERTISE error has occurred.
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Tcp Error Codes List

TTLS_ALLOW_ HSTIMEOUT was requested but the policy has the HandshakeRole value client or the HandshakeTimeout is 0. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios/sw_upgrades/interlink/r2_0/unpremsg/mucsock.html Issue the INITIALIZE call before any other socket call. 2006 ESOCKNETNOTALLOCATED REXX The specified socket could not be allocated. Tcp/ip Error Codes List Request TTLS_RESET_CIPHER or TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION only on connections secured using SSL version 3 or TLS version 1. Tcp Socket Error Codes Delete the request from the process that created it. 1027 EIBMINVSOCKET All A connection token that is not valid was detected.

For Socket(), set the domain parameter to AF_INET. http://dualathlonserver.com/error-codes/socket-error-55.php Check whether the user's ECB was already posted. 1112 ECANCEL 2001 EINVALIDRXSOCKETCALL REXX™ A syntax error occurred in the RXSOCKET parameter list. Specify the correct translation table file name, or verify that the translation table is valid. 2016 EHOSTNOTFOUND REXX The host is not found. Check the maximum sockets specified in MAXDESC(). 25 ENOTTY All An incorrect device call was specified. Ezasoket Return Codes

Parent topic: Configuring and Managing EZASOKET Support for CICS Applications Send feedback about this topic C Socket errno Codes This chapter defines errno codes returned by the TCPaccess IUCV C socket The select/selectex would never complete. Specify the correct value. 23 ENFILE All Data set table overflow occurred. http://dualathlonserver.com/error-codes/smtp-return-error-codes.php Check policy and add ApplicationControlled On if the application should be permitted to issue the controlled SIOCTTLSCTL functions. 14 EFAULT All An incorrect storage address or length was specified.

Check the validity of function parameters. 22 EINVAL Multicast Source filter APIs Mix of any-source, source-specific or full-state APIs Specify the correct type of APIs. 22 EINVAL MCAST_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP, MCAST_BLOCK_SOURCE, Eaddrnotavail Call your system administrator. 73 ETIME All The timer has expired. Check access authority of file. 13 EACCES IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL) The IOCTL is requesting a function that requires that the socket be mapped to policy that specifies ApplicationControlled On.

Issue read/receive before shutting down the read side of the socket. 59 ETOOMANYREFS All There are too many references.

Call your system administrator. 1026 EIBMINVDELETE All Delete requestor did not create the connection. Otherwise, use a different address or port in the socket address structure. 48 EADDRINUSE IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, IP_ADD_SOURCE_ MEMBERSHIP, IPV6_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP The specified multicast address and interface address (or interface index) Use a valid file that is a directory. 21 EISDIR All The specified directory is a directory. Ehostunreach It exceeds the IP limit of 64K or the limit set by the setsockopt() call.

Correct the name specified in the IBM_TCPIMAGE structure. 1011 EIBMBADTCPNAME INITAPI A TCP/IP name that is not valid was detected. The socket is not a stream (TCP) socket. Embed Embed this gist in your website. useful reference It includes these sections: Overview When an IUCV C socket function completes, the errno value provides additional information about the error reported.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. To save myself, and a few others, some time in the future... /usr/include/asm-generic/errno-base.h #ifndef _ASM_GENERIC_ERRNO_BASE_H #define _ASM_GENERIC_ERRNO_BASE_H #define EPERM 1 /* Operation not permitted */ #define ENOENT 2 /* No such Clear out specified directory and reissue call. 67 EPROCLIM All There are too many processes in the system. Either the level or the specified optname is not supported.

Reestablish the connection between the applications. 53 ECONNABORTED All The software caused a connection abend. Call your system administrator. 86 EPROTO IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL requesting TTLS_RESET_ SESSION, TTLS_RESET_ CIPHER, TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION, or TTLS_ALLOW_ HSTIMEOUT) One of the following errors occurred: A TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION request has not been How Did We Do? Issue the SIOCTTLSCTL IOCTL on TCP sockets only. 41 EPROTOTYPE IOCTL (SIOCSAPPLDATA) The request was not successful.

Request TTLS_ALLOW_ HSTIMEOUT only when the security type is TTLS_SEC_SERVER or higher and the HandshakeTimeout is not 0. 87 EMULTIHOP All A multihop address link was attempted. For TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION, the socket is not secure. Issue Getablesize() to query it. 37 EALREADY Setibmopt A connection already exists to a TCP/IP image. HTTPS Learn more about clone URLs Download ZIP Code Revisions 1 Stars 17 Forks 13 TCP socket error codes Raw gistfile1.txt 0 = Success 1 = Operation not permitted 2 =

For socket write/send, peer has shut down one or both directions. Call your system administrator. 81 ERREMOTE All The object is remote. Issue the SIOCTTLSCTL IOCTL only after the socket is connected. 58 ESHUTDOWN All A Send cannot be processed after socket shutdown. Request TTLS_RESET_SESSION and TTLS_RESET_CIPHER only when TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION has been previously requested for the connection. 1 EPERM IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL) Denotes one of the following error conditions: The TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION option was

Correct TCP/IP name used. 1036 EIBMNOACTIVETCP Select EIBMNOACTIVETCP Ensure TCP/IP is active. 1036 EIBMNOACTIVETCP Getibmopt No TCP/IP image was found. Check that the target module on an exec call is a valid executable module. 9 EAI_SOCKTYPE GETADDRINFO The SOCTYPE was not recognized. Retry the task. 2003 ESUBTASKINVALID REXX The subtask ID is incorrect. Check parameter values and structures pointed to by the function parameters. 4 EAI_OVERFLOW GETNAMEINFO The output buffer for the host name or service name was too small.

We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. All gists GitHub Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in Create a gist now Instantly share code, notes, This error is generated by the client stub code. Remove or rename existing file. 18 EXDEV All This is a cross-device link.